Frequently Asked Questions


"Will I be included in my class yearbook if I don't sit for a senior portrait?"


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"How much does it cost to sit for a senior portrait?"

It is *free* to sit for a portrait. 

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"How can I take my senior portrait?"

Check your email inbox for important information regarding where/when the next senior portrait is happening and instructions on how to secure a time slot.

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"How do I select my senior portrait?"

Below is the process for viewing your proofs and selecting a Yearbook pose. You can also email our photographer Michael Durinzi ( the pose number/letters of the dress cloth portrait you would like in the yearbook and he can take care of selecting that for you.

1. Go to:

2. Log in or create your account

3. Enter the Session ID and Access Code sent to your email and was included with your proofs.

4. Follow the "Yearbook Pose" link at the top of the page

5. Select a yearbook eligible pose( Vertically cropped Dress cloths (non Gown Portraits)

6. Follow confirmation process